LilyBee Wraps - Moroccan Tiles XL Single
LilyBee Wraps - Moroccan Tiles XL Single

LilyBee Wraps - Moroccan Tiles XL Single

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LilyBee Wrap was born from a desire to create an easy, eco-friendly food wrap option that both worked well,  without sacrificing beauty. We hate using plastic (especially when it’s only for single use) so we started looking for alternatives. After trying just beeswax and experimenting with a few recipes online that didn't really work we decided to create our own eco-friendly food wrap. We finally found something that worked, and are excited to share it!

Product Details

  • XL Wrap: 42cm by 42cm
  • Ideal for wrapping loafs of bread, or covering big bowls, or even summer watermelons
  • Made in New Zealand
  • 100% cotton
  • Locally and sustainable sourced beeswax, organic coconut oil and tree resin.
  • All of our packaging is PEFC (Sustainable Forestry) certified, and our fabric and printing will be certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) by the end of 2019

What are they made from?

Our wraps are made from 100% cotton with a natural solution of beeswax, tree resin, and organic coconut oil. So much nicer than plastic!  Most of our fabric is organic cotton, however, we still have some conventional cotton. We are working towards more sustainable options.

How do I clean my LilyBee Wrap?

We suggest rinsing wraps in warm water and an eco-friendly detergent. We like to dry ours on the dish rack or hang them to dry in the shade until ready to use again.

How long do they last? Are they reusable?

Our wraps are reusable, and depending on care, they last between 6-12 months or more. Think of how much plastic you'll save! 

How do I store them?

We keep our LilyBee Wraps in our utensils drawer and also have some rolled in a jar for easy access in the kitchen.

Will my food taste like honey?

Our wraps don't alter the taste of foods, however, when initially receiving the product you will be able to smell a very subtle beeswax aroma. Over time the smell of beeswax will diminish - much to our customers' disappointment!