Activated Eco Wool Dryer Balls
Activated Eco Wool Dryer Balls
Activated Eco Wool Dryer Balls
Activated Eco Wool Dryer Balls

Activated Eco Wool Dryer Balls

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Activated Eco Wool Dryer Balls are awesome little environmentally friendly balls of goodness made from 100% unbleached pure New Zealand wool


Our high-quality Wool Dryer Balls contain no chemicals or fragrances. This means that they are hypoallergenic and allergy friendly.

But what do they actually do?

They make your washing dry faster in the dryer. Seriously! Up to 25% faster. Saving YOU money!

They also -

  • Soften clothes
  • Reduce static
  • Reduce the need to iron your clothes!
  • Are biodegradable
  • Last for over 1000 dryer cycles



Place your Wool Dryer Balls into the dryer with your freshly washed clothes. That’s it! You will notice that your dryer takes much less time to dry your clothes and they’ll be softer and fresher than ever.

You can also add a few drops of essential oil to your wool dryer balls for fresh, naturally scented laundry.



How many Wool Dryer Balls do I use per load?

We recommend using 6 per load.

How long will my Wool Dryer Balls last for?

They last for a R E A L L Y long time. At least 1000 dryer cycles. Once they become dense and hard, it’s time to replace them.

How do I store my Wool Dryer Balls?

You can store them in their box/bag or you can even leave them in the dryer between loads so that you never forget them.

What can I do with my old wool dryer balls?

As they contain no chemicals whatsoever, they’re totally safe to compost! Pull them apart and add to your compost.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Eco wool dryer balls

These are great!! I love using them, I add a couple of drops of essential oil which doesn’t effect the quality of them at all.
And I received this item really quick in the mail which was fantastic didn’t have to wait long at all

Karen E.
Another fabulous product purchased from Inourhands!

Dryer Balls are fantastic! I’ve been using the dryer a little more than usual during the recent rain we’ve had and there is definitely a positive difference in drying time. Even better the balls can be composted when they need to be replaced. Highly recommend.

Fantastic product

Have wanted to get these for a while now. I only use my dryer for sheets but have already noticed they save drying time massively. Added a few drops of essential oils and my sheets smelled fab!