About us

It’s never too late to change. Our journey toward a reduced-waste lifestyle.


We started our journey toward improving the way we care for our planet after watching the War on Waste, an Australian series on the impact different kinds of waste have on our environment. We thoroughly recommend this to everyone who wants to build awareness of how we are negatively impacting our environment. We promise there will be plenty of awkward realisations about the damage we are doing to our planet but equally, many ideas about what we can do to tread more lightly and lessen the impact we have on our environment. You’ll never look at a takeaway coffee cup the same way again!

Though we wouldn’t consider ourselves unnecessarily wasteful, it was pretty clear we could do a whole lot more, starting with our reliance on plastics. Plastics have a place in our world and we are not suggesting we can remove them all, but single use plastics don’t.

Another lightbulb moment was an exhibit at Vivid Festival in Sydney which featured images and information about how plastics negatively affect our planet, the fact that they never break down - ever;  the huge amount of space they take up in landfills, the enormous litter problem they create and perhaps the most frightening of all, the impact they have on the world’s marine eco system. This was a real turning point for us. We couldn’t stop thinking about it.

From here, we started to consider all of  the plastic we use in the home and on the go - cling wrap, takeaway food containers, the dreaded plastic straw, plastic cutlery, plastic shopping bags (even the reusable ones are wolves in sheep’s clothing!!) and the list goes on. This made us also look at the other things we do such as the food waste we create, better choices around cleaning products and personal care items etc., our over use of paper and packaging etc.

After this, we began our research. What were the alternatives? How easy were they to get? What on earth is a beeswax wrap! Were there any other benefits? How could we reduce, recycle, reuse and refuse? How can we help to get everyday things into our hands and into the hands of others.

So, are we greenies? Definitely not. We are a family who has realised it’s never too late to change.

Bit by bit, small changes each day can make a difference. It actually makes you feel better to stop and think and reduce your waste. It can also save money in the long run by throwing away less, by not buying single use items such as cling wrap,  sandwich bags and other disposable items and by preserving the fresh produce you buy so it lasts longer.

So here we are, with the launch of our online store. We will grow with our customers and your changing preferences and demands. We’d love to hear from you. What you like about  our store, what you want to hear about, what you don’t like and anything else! Let us know what you want to hear about in our blogs too. We are new to this and still have plenty to learn and we’d love to learn with you!

Love, The In Our Hands Family